Baby Steps

It’s Day 2 of Let’s Get Serious About Working Out.  (And by “let’s” I obviously mean “just me” because my boyfriend is working ridiculous hours.)  Day 2 of running at lunch!  Day 2 of fighting through the strong desire to hit the nearest pizza parlor for lunch instead of working out.

And I was excited about it until a certain girlfriend of my brother’s {ahem, ALLison, ahem} decided that she was going to run a marathon in one hour and fifty one minutes.  Now, if you’re paying attention, that’s a good forty minutes faster than I ran mine in.  To that I say: But I didn’t train!  And her boyfriend rode along side to cheer her on and take pictures!  So, really, I think that I should lose at least forty minutes of my time.  And that means we really ran it just as quickly.  So, yeah, that’s how my mind works.

All of this is important becasue she and I may be participating in a half marathon at some point in the future (unless my brother runs her off or something, but whatever, I hear she’s so cool that I may just keep her as a friend regardless of what happens between those two crazy kids).  You see, my mom is getting in shape!  She’s got a personal trainer and is going to yoga and she wants to run (/walk) a marathon.  Being the most awesome daughter that I am, agreed that if she took steps to make this a possibility then I would enter it with her.  And then ALLison decided she wanted to get in on it because, to be honest, we’re a pretty awesome family (which she totally knows, and even though she’s never met me we’re totally going to be BFFs.  Or something).

But now I’m off track.  Where was I going with this? Oh, yes, exercise.  It mostly sucks.  The work you have to do to keep looking good and feeling alive is just awful.  I can almost understand how people get caught up in quick fixes to weight loss that you find on infomercials at 2:00 am.  Almost.

I never really had to work hard to be thin, or even in shape.  I could eat whatever I wanted and do very little and I was still presentable.  Obviously life factors were part of it – things like being a waitress and walking a bazillion miles a day and then walking between classes on a huge campus and then working out on top of that (albeit intermittantly, but still).  But each move after college has left me a little more sedentary and what I once thought were just kick ass genes was really just an active life style.  So, yes, I do have to work at it.  I just don’t work at it as hard as I should.  Binge exercising is what my life is like.

And I recognize it and am taking steps (literally) to change this.  I watch family members and not-quite-who-knows-if-they-ever-will-be family members struggle with weight.  They all talk about their glory days of being fit and thin and active.  They all lament their “fat asses”.  And yet, few of them have taken those steps to turn their life healthy.

So when my parents signed up for yoga classes I was stoked that they were doing something.

Baby steps.

And when my mom mentioned that she wanted to run (/walk) a half marathon with me I was excited.  Worried that it wouldn’t pan out, but excited that she seemed to be wanting it more than she had before.  And when she signed up with a personal trainer I wanted to cry I was so excited.

In the past three(ish) months two of my dad’s coworkers have had heart attacks.  One died.  These were young(ish) men and with the history of heart disease on both sides of my family I wanted more than ever for them to take those first baby steps towards a healthier, longer life.  I want my dad around to walk me down the aisle.  I want my mom to go dress shopping with me.  I want them to meet their grandchildren (if I have any, that is).  I want them to be around a long long time.

It all starts with the first step and I’m so proud of them for taking it.  So excited for this next stage in their lives.  I’m looking forward to crossing the finish line with my mom (and ALLison, who seems to slowly be usurping my role as awesome daughter, but whatever).


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2 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. woohoo!! Good luck with your running. I want to do that one day too!

    • d

      Thanks! You should really do it – the sense of accomplishment is pretty awesome. I haven’t had kids, though, so it might not compare.

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