Greetings from the Right Coast*

*Not that that means it’s right instead of wrong. West coast is definitely still my coast.

It’s been a constant go Go GO ever since we arrived. Hell, before we arrived. On the trip over we had a 7 hour layover in Salt Lake City and decided to fit in a quick visit with my family because it was either that or sit in a bar for seven hours drinking and I like to think of myself as a family person more than an alcoholic. And it was a grand visit, even though my cousins’ kids were frightened of both me and Wes. All except for the newborn (who doesn’t apparently know yet to be weary of strangers, awesome as they may be). Hopefully, though it laid the foundation for the family reunion next month.

The plane ride is where we started drinking because, hey, we were in first class and alcohol is free up there. Six cocktails, three and a half hours, and about a hundred bathroom breaks later we finally arrived in DC.

And that’s it because the wordpress app keeps crapping out.

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