The Challenge: Just Effing Do It

The worst part of exercising is starting the routine.  It’s awful those first couple of days because there are so many other things that you’d rather be doing.  And there’s always an excuse for why that other  thing (ahem, tv, ahem) is better than working out.  A million excuses, in fact, why you just. can’t. work. out. 

Once you start a routine, though, it becomes, well, routine.  It’s just part of your day, like brushing your teeth or showering or complaining about how awful your job is (wait, is that just me?).  Pretty soon you stop dreading that run or the swim or whatever it is you do to exercise.  And soon enough you look in the mirror and think Wow, I look pretty hot.  Your clothes fit better and going to the pool or the beach isn’t such a horrific experience. 

But starting it.  Oh, god.  It’s just awful.  I came back to work after a week vacation fully prepared to just jump right back into the routine.  By lunch time, though, the last thing I wanted to do was swim.  So when a coworker invited me to lunch I jumped at it because it wasn’t the gym.  And those excuses just kept coming and here it is Wednesday without one workout.  Because I’m being lazy and being back in my own home after a week as house guest just screams out to Relax!  Sit on the couch!  Don’t move!  Or talk! 

But reading this article today gives me some motivation.  Yeah, nobody likes exercising but they do it because of the benefits.  Sure it sucks to give up the remote control and the great television programs every night.  But I see pictures of me from 3 years ago and then I see pictures of me now and the change was not all for the better.

So I’m challenging myself to workout every day for the next month starting tomorrow.  I’d like to be brave enough to post a before picture, but I’m not.  So it’ll just be my word that changes are happening.

Already I’m not looking forward to the Boise part of this month.  It’s going to be hot and there will be a lot of alcohol because that’s what my family does (and we do it well).  But I’m determined to do it.

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  1. mama

    Exercise with me, when I exercise – you exercise. We’ll keep each other motivated. While in Boise you can go with me to my personal trainer. How does all this sound?

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