How You Doin’?

So after four days of working out every day I think that I can tell a difference: when I smile I don’t have a double chin!  Wes thinks I’m crazy and that that never happend, but he’s biased (in a totally good way and should absolutely keep up that bs of “I love you no matter what you look like.”  So yes, sometimes I walk into the bathroom just to smile at myself, or look up from washing the dishes and smile into the mirror across the room because it’s just really great to look at my face and not think Yuck. 

So here it is, day five and I’m trying to fight off a cold that seems hell bent to take root.  I want to go running.  No, scratch that, I still do not want to do it, but I do need to do it.  Jessica says that it takes 31 days to make a habit stick, which is what I’m trying to do.  So four days in it makes sense that I’m still thinking up excuses as to why I can’t possibly lace up those running shoes today.  I wonder if I took up smoking for 31 days at the same time, which would take root faster? 

I figure that I’m getting closer to the goal because yesterday I thought of about a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t run (some may have even had an ounce of validity to them) but instead of letting the Law & Order episodes suck me I not only got on the treadmill in what seemed to be a sauna (hey, apartment folks, how about opening the blinds and windowns and doors to get some air circulating in there?) but also did laundry. 

And no, it did not fight of the cold as I had hoped. 

Today I packed my back with what I thought was Tylenol Cold & Flu Daytime, but was in reality the Nighttime formula, which is now taunting me and will be for the next 7 hours.  Yeah, sure I could go buy the Daytime stuff, but there’s an entire box of it at home (just opened this morning!) and I don’t feel like wasting the money.  Instead it’s tylenol to the rescue.  And hopefully some will power to get me through my run this afternoon. 

When does this get easier?  Oh, right, when my body starts looking hot and my reflection isn’t the only one to think so.

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