Operation: Get Healthy

I’ve been doing okay on this whole working out regularly schedule.  3-5 days a week is what I have been shooting for and I usually hit about 3-4.  Not bad, but not great either.  My workouts don’t push me that hard but at least I’m doing something to start it.

Where I falter is on eating.  I love food.  A lot.  And when I’m exercising I always justify the bad foods (like that cheese steak-style chicken sandwich yesterday) by saying that I ran yesterday.  Obviously they don’t balance each other out.  And even if they do balance each other out (which they really really don’t) the whole point here is to slim down, not keep the same weight and flab that I’ve got now.

And yes, a lot of that eating is emotional eating and drinking.  Emotional because, have I mentioned that I really don’t enjoy living down here?  Don’t enjoy the fact that my boyfriend works late?  And whenever he works late I get into this downward spiral of My Life Sucks!  When really, it doesn’t.  But god does it feel like it does.  So instead of going for a run or hopping on my bike I head for bed with a box of tissues and cry about the injustice of living a block away from the beach – and no amount of thinking how awesome it is that a girl from Idaho now lives a block from the beach can console me.  No, this isn’t my ideal place to live; but it’s also not the worst place in the world to live – even though I act like it is sometimes.

So that’s where Operation: Get Healthy comes in.  I joined Moose’s OOTL, Round 2 to get on track and take back control of my life and how I live it.  Yes, for the past year I’ve been idling by and making it through with occasional bouts of This Is Fun – As Long As It’s Not Permanent.  But the more that Wes works late or on the weekends and I’m left at home twiddling my thumbs and playing free cell on my phone the more I realize that it’s just not healthy.  Not healthy to be so dependent on one person for all my needs.  Not healthy to put all my eggs in his basket (bad metaphor?).  I’m hoping that by joining this group of blogging ladies (guys too?) that I’ll have the support I have been looking for to start a life in Orange County.

So first thing’s first: what am I going to do to Get Healthy?

  1. Join a pottery class – it gets me out of the apartment one night a week and I might meet some new friends.  If nothing else I’m sure I’ll have some fun stories and interesting pottery.
  2. Learn calligraphy – after trying to address envelopes for a work party I realized that I need to step up my “fancy” writing (also after seeing Holly’s invitations).
  3. Exercise 4-5 days per week – incorporating running, swimming, biking and even some weight lifting (which means I need to get back to the gym).
  4. Stop eating junk food – this one is going to be terribly hard, especially if I stick to #3 because that is always when I feel like I deserve the not-so-good-for-you foods.  I think this also means that I need to be in the kitchen more.
  5. Hang out with girlfriends – I’ve finally found some friends (Two!) who are in my age group and in the (mostly) same stage in life.  And I need to make time to see them in a girls only setting (like Time Traveler’s Wife tonight!).
  6. Virtual Book Club – my brother and I have decided that what we need is a virtual book club.  So I’m starting one.  Leave a comment if you want to join.

I think that’s a good place to start out.  I know it’s not going to be easy, but it’s got to be a hell of a lot more fun than fuming on a Friday night about your boyfriend working until 8:30.  Anything has got to be more fun than that.

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One response to “Operation: Get Healthy

  1. Oh heavens, yes. I LOVE FOOD. This makes such endeavors so much more difficult, doesn’t it? But good for you! YOU CAN DO IT! AND I CAN TOO! (Once I put down this drum stick.)

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