How Quickly it All Becomes About the Wedding

We haven’t even picked a date yet and I’m already nerding out on wedding things.  DIY from Martha Stewart and the Knot and every blogger that has had a wedding in the past two years.  I’m collecting all of their ideas and hard work and will figure a way to make them my own.

It’s so hard to start any sort of planning when the big things (date, location) are still up in the air.  I think about colors and dresses and favors and then put them all on the back burner because I’m not sure bright colors would fit in a fall wedding or dark purple for a spring wedding.

But there are a couple of things I can start thinking about: Music.  Father/daughter song, our first song as a married couple, the song we walk out of the ceremony to.  Do I want cheesy songs to play or do I keep Electric Slide off the play list?

And the invitations.  Wes’ sister has kindly offered to make them as our wedding gift, so I’ve been scouring other DIY invites to see what I want.  There are so many that it’s a bit overwhelming.  I have visions of weekends spent cutting paper, my hands cramped from so much of it.

Napkins monogrammed.

Favors.  Good lord, I don’t even know where to begin with this one.  What is a good favor for weddings?  Something original to us without being Original (ie, everyone and their mom is using it).

The save-the-date cards have been in my head for so long.  Now all I have to wait to do is pick a date.

Oh, and of course I can start thinking about the dress.  I’m just waiting for some lady friends to be around for shopping.  Preferably with champagne.

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  1. My advice? Make mutual decisions where possible, and enjoy the process. Too often the joy gets squeezed out of the day by all the nitty gritty that goes into it.

    Have fun!

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