Three weddings down and just one more to go for 2009!  Yes, we’ve had a blast at all of them, but this whirlwind of travel is wearing both of us down.  More often than not this summer, we’ve been out of town.  And, wow, it is ever exhausting.

This week was Portland.  And, as it happened to coincide with our engagement, Wes’ parents decided to host a brunch for his family and family friends to come over.  I had invited my parents because my mom has been going nuts about not seeing me (and my ring) until Christmas.  She declined because my dad was traveling all week and Wes and I would be super busy with things not having to do with family.

And we were.  It was non-stop.  But it was fun.  After shopping all Saturday we arrived back at his parents house for an awesome surprise: my parents had driven up to celebrate with us (so had my brother, but he didn’t show up until Sunday).  It had been planned from the very beginning.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend a lot of time with them because the wedding festivities took us away shortly after we got home and then we both left in the early afternoon on Sunday.

It was fun to celebrate with both sides of the family, and for my family to meet his – even though they’ve been conversing over facebook for just about ever.

But now I am just about exhausted.  I want to crawl under my desk and fall asleep I’m so tired.  The next two months are mostly spent in town and I’m looking forward to spending a good portion of that in our bed.

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