At Least I’ve Already Got the Ring

Just when I thought termites were the worst thing ever, Monday afternoon happened.  And, to be fair, what happened after work wasn’t as bad as termites, but it still fucking sucked.  And then this morning happened and my god, this is just a whirlwind three days of shit sucking.

In our apartment complex we have a driveway leading down to the carports.  It can tightly fit two cars, as long as no one is driving in the middle of the lane.  Which, of course, most people do.  So it’s always a stand off on who is going to move first.  Yesterday, I moved first.  But I was angry about it.

(Have I mentioned that I get angry when I’m driving?  I do.  Like really angry.  Like flashes of white and want to scream and just ram the vehicle into something.  I fucking hate to drive.  I miss San Francisco and its public transportation system because no matter how flawed it was it still got me between Point A and Point B and I didn’t have to drive.  I never got a ticket in a bus.  I never got pulled over in a bus.  I never got in an accident in a bus.  I could drink and still ride on the bus.  Hell, I could drink on the bus.  I miss public transportation and I swear that where ever this next transfer takes us I will be using public transportation and riding my bike as much as possible because cars are fucking expensive and so not worth it.)

But back to the story.  I’m angry that this driver can’t back up two feet to let me through and instead is forcing me into this ridiculous maneuver to let her out.  So I back up without thinking too much about it and as I’m switching from reverse to 1st gear I hear the beep from the rear bumper sensors telling me I’m getting close (but not too close) to something behind me.  And then, just like that, I heard a bump.  After surveying the area I think hit and realizing it looks ok – perhaps a scratch – I get out of the middle of the parking lot and park the car.  It’s when I get out of the car do I see what has really happened: one of the tow hitches on the truck I bumped has gone through our bumper.

That thing next to the hole? The back up sensor I was too pissed to pay attention to.

First thought: Wes is going to kill me.  Second thought: Holy shit this is going to be expensive.

Wes didn’t kill me and was surprisingly okay with it.  It’s not the end of the world or it can be fixed or some such variation of It’s okay.  This afternoon I’m leaving work early to get some estimates on replacing the entire bumper and hoping for the best.

I’m also counting down the days where I don’t spend so much time in the fucking car.

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