Day 24

What is so difficult about working out lately is the amount of time I have in a day.  Working a 4/10 schedule is awesome when you have 3 days to recuperate, but when you’re go-go-going it’s rough.  By Monday I’m exhausted and working out slips to the bottom of the list, right behind eating and sleeping.  I’m still getting in workouts 4 times a week, but I usually crunch them in at the last minute because of all the other things that are going on.

Last night I went with Wes to try on dresses (for a wedding this weekend, not my wedding) and felt awful about how I looked in about 95% of them.  It wasn’t just that stupid belly fat that I’ve been focusing on; it was the whole picture.  My arms and legs, even my ankles looked fat (to me).  And then I got all Woe is me! because there are just not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.  An hour lunch to work out equates to a 30-ish minute workout, which is hardly anything.  And after work I feel like there’s just enough time to make dinner, spend some quality time with Wes and then off to bed.  Sure there are morning workouts, but that means getting up at 3:30 am, which would cut out quality time with Wes at night because then there’s really only room for eating and sleeping.

I’m still doing well with food in that I’m listening to what my body has to say and not finishing even a 1/3 of my meals because I’m just not hungry any more.  I’m adding more fruits and vegetables to my snack list – apples!  carrots! – and staying away from the high-sugar high-calorie snacks (except for that Reese’s I had yesterday).

I’m trying to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into my life, which is proving difficult at this point.  We only have a couple of months left in Orange County and I’m determined to look at what has been working for me and what hasn’t and make some significant changes in our next location: work closer to home so I can ride my bike; work less hours/day and workout before work; make healthier dinners with fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables.

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