The Great Northwest

Lately I’ve become excited about the possibility of a move to Hawaii.  Talking myself into the awesomeness of it all.  And though I’m sure it would be all sorts of amazing, there’s something about the Northwest that just feels right for us.  It feels like home and every time Wes and I go up there we want so badly to move there.  Only time will tell what will happen with the next move – hopefully we’ll find out soon because I am getting cabin fever and am ready for something new.

Seattle this weekend was fun.  A lot of fun.  We went up there for a wedding and then stayed through the weekend for Halloween.  The less fun thing about it was how much alcohol I drank and how little exercise I did while there.  There’s something about going out of town that makes me think that it’s okay to just go crazy with excess.  I’ll get back to it when I’m home and I do – for the most part – but it’s much harder to get back into it when you’re not seeing results.  And the reason that I’m not seeing awesome results?  Because I keep backsliding.  I’m trying to have some wiggle room – there really isn’t a lot of time on these whirlwind trips to get any exercise in.  We have so many people to see that we’re barley keeping up.

But I’m back and I have three glorious weekends without travel in front of me.  Which means three Fridays off in which to get in a long bike ride or run.  It means that I don’t have any friends we hardly ever see talking me into just one more drink or jello shots.  It means cooking in my own kitchen (however awful it is) and being in charge of what foods I put in my mouth.  On the flip side: it also means I’m in charge of what foods I put in my mouth.  There’s no blaming bad food choices on the traveling.  The Taco Bell I just had to have today?  All my choice.  And a bad one at that.

But (there’s always a but, a justification, for the bad things we do), the bad decisions I make usually force me back on track.  They are usually the slap in the face that I need to remind myself that Taco Bell is pretty sick – no matter how good it sounds.  So here I am, just three-ish hours after consuming it and thinking about how better my lunch would have been spent running.  Or my sandwich at my desk and reading, but also knowing that I’ve gotten that craving out of my head and replaced it with the completely opposite feeling: I want to vomit.   Newly renewed in my Get Healthy endeavor and ready to go home and fit a run in.


In other news, I am trying NaBloPoMo again.  It was close, but I failed in January on the last day of the month.  I’m determined to get through this month.  Mostly because I need to write.  I read Moose’s post today and that’s completely what I’m going through: what the hell is my life purpose?  I have no idea.  I’m awash in a sea of What Should I Do With My Life?  No one seems to know, especially me.  I like to write but half the time I have no idea what to write about because I feel like if I’m putting something out there then it needs to be Good (not that you’d know it from this blog, but whatever).  Instead of just sitting down and writing and realizing that that’s half the battle.  Seriously, get it out and you’ll get better.  Or something like that.  So that’s what I’m doing: getting it out and hoping it will get better.

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