A Test

They say that when you get off track you should look at what happened to get you off track.  So when dieting, take notes of when you eat more than you need, or have three cupcakes instead of one.  That way you can find the trigger and try to stop it the next time it happens.

That’s what I’ve been trying to do lately: see why and when I’m making the bad decisions.

Like Friday night when instead of just two glasses of wine I indulged in four shots.  With co-workers.  Mostly it comes down to this: I was having a good fucking time so I kept going.  And that brought me to a lot of other nights when I drank to much and, for the most part, it was because I was having fun with friends and I wanted to keep it going.

So for the next three weeks I’m going to take alcohol out of the equation and see where that gets me.  I’m going to try to put myself in social situations where I would usually drink – and then not drink.  Part of it is the fact that I don’t need the empty calories and I really do want to lose (at least) ten pounds and I’m hoping this can help.  But the other part – probably the bigger part – is that I need to teach myself that just because I’m in a social/fun setting doesn’t mean that I need to get drunk.  Not that I always drink when I’m in a social setting, but when I do I tend to over-do it a little bit.

We’ll see what happens by Thanksgiving Day when this whole thing ends.  Hopefully the weight will start coming off a little bit quicker and I’ll understand some more about my dietary issues.

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