Reasons why I do not want to go running/the gym:

  • There just isn’t enough time at lunch
  • And after work there’s so much traffic that I wouldn’t get home until super super late
  • I’m just not feeling it today
  • It’s windy outside
  • Or it’s too hot
  • Wandering around on the internet just seems like a much better use of my time today
  • I’m super stressed about not knowing where we’re going to be living in three months

Reasons why I will drag myself to the gym tonight:

  • Wedding
  • Wedding dress
  • Trying on wedding dresses in December
  • All the “fancy” (hello euphemisms! – my parents read this) clothes that I have and yet don’t want to wear until I lose the weight
  • I will feel awesome after wards
  • And smug

So I guess the consensus is that I will make it to the gym so that I can feel smug.  And also look good in wedding dresses and various other articles of clothing.

*Idea blatantly stolen from Linda

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