Weight loss update:

  • Waist (at belly button): 33″ – no change
  • Hips: 35″ (-2″)
  • Thighs: 21″ (-1″)
  • Chest: 36″ (+.5″ – though this might be because of the sports bra I was wearing this time)
  • Arms: 10.25″ (-.75″)
  • Weight: 135.5 lb (-2lbs)

The last time I measured was October 4th, over a month ago.  On one hand I’m extremely frustrated with the (lack of) progress that I made in the last month+.   On the other hand, though, October was full of shitty decisions made over weekends out of town and this past week was really the first that I sat down and started getting serious about what it is that I wanted – that I started realizing that I had to take this seriously or what I wanted to happen would never happen.

But it’s still just so fucking frustrating to not see instantaneous results.  So frustrating to look at the pictures I took a month ago and the pictures I took this morning and to see a change on my body, but not in the numbers.  For the past month I’ve been focusing on how I feel and how my clothes fit rather than getting on the scale every day.  And I did notice a difference, so it makes me mad that I can’t see that reflected in the the measurements.  I still have another month+ until the deadline Jess and I set for ourselves arrives – month to continue on the serious track of all of this – and I’ve made an important decision: I’m not going to track number regularly (I’d planned on doing this every Sunday we were in town) but I can’t keep looking at numbers that are barely inching along.  It makes me feel like this whole thing is useless so why even bother.  Instead I’ll focus on how I feel.

At the end of all of this, before we fly out to Idaho, I’ll do the last picture and measurements and see how far I’ve come and hopefully the progress will be visible in both my body and the measurements we take.

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