NaBloPoMo, Day 21

Pictures can be deceiving. Like the picture of a super cute wedding dress (to which I would link were I not on my phone) that I tried on today. After driving to Pasadena to do so. The woman helping me wasn’t helpful at all and the dress that was so beautiful online (on a beautiful blonde model, of course) was a limp shell of what I had been envisioning. Hopefully the trip to SF goes better than this and I can actually find a dress and cross that item off my list. It will be nice to actually start marking off some of the big things. Like a wedding venue. Until then I’ll settle for a dress that doesn’t male me look pregnant, hippy (wide, not granola) or twelve sizes larger than I actually am.


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2 responses to “NaBloPoMo, Day 21

  1. Mama

    I loved the dress you tried on here, in Boise!

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