Aloha, Part II

Scene: Our Apartment, Friday Afternoon

Wes, walking through the door with a child-like grin on his face: Hola!

Me, wondering why the heck he’s saying “hola”: Hola!?

Wes, same as before: Hola!

Me, wondering if maybe he’s got a midget Mexican in a sombrero behind him: Hola!?

Wes: Hola!

Me, finally getting it: Are you trying to say “Aloha!”?  Are we going to Hawaii?

Wes: Dammit!


The first move we had to deal with – the one down here to Southern California – was completely unexpected for both of us.  Wes thought his project in the Bay Area would last for another three months so when he got the call to pack up and move to Orange County it was a bit of a shock.  I definitely cried.  We had talked about my going with him in the past, but we were both so sure that we had time to before we had to actually make the final decision.

Obviously I joined him, we all know that now.  And we all know that story ended: we’re engaged and now moving to Hawaii.  But when I moved down here last July, I had no idea where this all was going.  A lot of conversations were had about where we’d like it to go, but the months went by and it was totally unclear (to me) whether or not we’d actually get there.  I worried about what would happen when his next transfer came and what a future life in this industry would mean for me.  I resented the hell out of Wes’ job for a long time because every time he moved, I would have to move too – quit my job, leave my friends and make a new home in some new place, never knowing where that place would be.

A year and half later, things have definitely changed.  I’m so ready to take this step towards my new life.  I’m less worried about all these moves (until I’m worried again for a new reason *cough*kids*cough*) and ready to face the challenges and adventures with Wes.  I care less about what my life is going to look like and more what our life is going to be like.


I’m not sure Hawaii was the first choice for either of us.  We were both (not so secretly) hoping that we’d be in the northwest, closer to our families.  We were looking forward to skiing, hiking, putting all of our winter clothes to use and, just maybe, buying a house.  And getting a dog.  Except for the hiking, none of those things will happen in Hawaii.

But (of course there’s a but), so many other things will.  We will dive the hell out of those islands.  And hike.  Maybe learn to sail.  We’ll finally learn to surf.  We’ll travel to Asia and soak up as much of Hawaii as we can before we get the next call, and there will be a next call.  Hawaii isn’t forever, we both know that.  So we’re looking at this as an adventure.

Is there anything on the islands that we need to do while we’re there?  Tell me all, we’ve got plenty of time.

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One response to “Aloha, Part II

  1. wes

    I already know how to sail, if we can find a boat i’ll teach you, though i may be a bit rusty

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