Farewell, Lower 48

How does a girl who grew up in land-locked states end up moving to an island?  Why does anyone do anything: love.

Today is one of many move days that Wes and I will experience in the next couple of weeks  while we settle into a new life in Hawaii.  We’ll be living out of suitcases until we can find a place and get all of our belongings moved in, and I may not have a job for a bit so this all sort of feels like a vacation.  There’s something about seeing your boxed up and empty apartment in person that makes moving final, and I haven’t seen any of that yet.

Instead, I flew to Portland to finalize wedding details.  So much has been packed into the last couple of days – things that I thought Wes and I could work on while we were here for a month.  But, of course, things hardly ever go according to plan and instead of coming back from Hawaii on Friday, we are going to stay.  So all of those things I thought I had more time to deal with, were pushed to the front – the photographer, the invitations, my hair.  All of it taken care of with minimal crying on my end.  Who knew that planning a wedding was so stressful?

Now I sit in the terminal of United (side note: it costs $125 to check a ski bag on United.  Good thing Wes’ company is picking up the tab on that, but something that we’ll need to remember when booking flights with skis.) waiting for my 6:10 flight to San Francisco to meet up with Wes and then head to Oahu.  I keep thinking how weird this is that we’re moving to Hawaii.  Who lives in Hawaii?  In my mind, Hawaii has always been a vacation destination and not a place to live and while that’s obviously not true I can’t help but think it: I’m moving to someone’s dream vacation.

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