Hotel Living

What starts out as something novel and fun quickly turns into something just plain annoying.  Hotel living was fun for the first couple of days – maybe even the first week.  Someone else makes your bed!  Fresh towels every day!  King size bed!  And yes, the view from this room is pretty amazing:

Pretty nice, right?

But it all quickly turns into this huge bother.  The cleaning crew doesn’t come consistently, so you never know when you should be out of the room.  The t.v. is old and needs a good readjustment.  The internet isn’t wifi and doesn’t come with the cost of the hotel room.  The king size bed is less comfortable than our blow-up mattress.  And I’m so sick of all the processed food we’ve been eating over the past 9 days.

(And let me just take this moment to talk about how I know how ridiculous this all sounds – my hotel living plight in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake and the after shocks.  Yes, people are dying or missing or orphaned.  And that sucks.  I know my problem is a first-world problem, but I can’t help that.  This is my life right now.)

We have luckily found a place to live and will be moving in Monday.  Life will get back to normal, or some semblance of it.  Hopefully I will have a job in the near(ish) future and then life will fully settle.  The place is old military housing that has been renovated (some houses, anyway – we got lucky).  It has three bedrooms and plenty of storage for all the things Wes and I have accumulated throughout our lives.  Today we actually get the keys to the new place and I may even sneak some pictures.

Wes had to go back to work on Monday so there hasn’t been a lot of time to play tourist in our new city.  When we first found out about the transfer Wes and I thought long and hard about what we would do first – after finding a place to live, of course.  Wes came up with Pearl Harbor because we both have a connection to it: my grandfather was on the USS Oklahoma when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and Wes’ family is from Oahu – his grandfather was at VMI when the Japanese attacked and he and his friends left right before graduation to enlist.  I took nearly 300 pictures while we there, which I’ll get to in the next couple of days.

It still doesn’t feel like we live in Hawaii – at least not for me.  It might be different for Wes since he’s had to go to work, but I feel like I’m tagging on one of his business trips. We haven’t had a lot of time to explore and I know we’re going to be busy getting settled in the next few weeks so it will be just as hard to get out and see where we live, but I’m hoping that once we have all of our things this island will start to feel more like home.

I do know that already I’m taking more steps to be a part of the community than I ever did in Southern California, and I feel good about it.  The job hunt still underway, though it may go trudge along for quite some time until something comes up.  I have a lot of people who have been willing to help me in this search, which makes things a little bit easier and less stressful, though I am still prone to bits of drama where I wonder what the hell the rest of my job-life is going to look like and am all Woe is me! but they’re getting fewer and further between.

The weekend will look a lot like this:


With maybe some fancy cocktails with those fun umbrellas in them.  I think I may get used to this place.

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