Be Our Guest, Part II

Being a guest is tougher than just showing up on the doorstep and basking in the glow of your host and hostess.  And so, I’d like to point out some rules for visitors – and not just overnight visitors.

  1. Be gracious.  Thank your host and hostess for putting you up or having you over.
  2. Bring a small gift.  Whether it’s a bottle of wine or some other small token, it’s a good idea to come with something in hand.
  3. Offer to make or buy dinner one night.  This is a nice way to tell your host and hostess to take a load off of Being On all the time and let you do some work.  It doesn’t have to be big, elaborate, or expensive but it’s a nice thank you for all that your host and hostess have done.
  4. Offer to help with whatever the host or hostess is doing that directly benefits you.  Dinner – offer to chop or otherwise prep the meal, or say that you’ll do the dishes.
  5. Be courteous.  Put the toilet seat down.  Fill the water filter when you finish it.  Set or clear the table.

It all seems simple, but I’m surprised at how many people forget to be thankful and courteous at other people’s houses.  I’m sure I’m guilty of it as well, but I try to remember that I’m a guest and that I should behave as such.

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One response to “Be Our Guest, Part II

  1. Mama

    I like these rules and agree with them completely.

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