Save The Date!

I ordered our save-the-dates yesterday after a small snafu with Kinko’s.  Apparently you can’t scan anything with a copyright on it, even if you don’t plan to use it to make money.  I’m convinced that I was just unlucky enough to get a new worker who was being extra careful.  But no worries!  We were able to scan the image and convert it to a jpeg and then I ordered the post cards through iPhoto.  So much easier – and, I suspect, cheaper – thank Kinko’s.  But now I’m worried that something will look off when they show up; that I’ll have ordered 90 post cards that can’t be used and will have to start all over and figure out what to do for save-the-dates.

Anyway, they should be showing up early next week and then I’ll send them out and that will bring us one step closer to our wedding date, which is in 184 days.  Which, really, is practically tomorrow.  No, wait, that’s not right.  I keep thinking that time will fly by because there will be so much to do, but honestly, we don’t have a lot to do.  We purposely found a venue that would take care of just about everything so that we weren’t stressed about it.  With the exception of the honeymoon (!), we have pretty much everything in place.

And, oh the honeymoon.  Planning a romantic and relaxing vacation with your new spouse really shouldn’t be as difficult as we’re making it, but it is.  We have heard that we’ll be so exhausted after planning and executing our wedding (even though most of it is being planned by other people) that we should go some place that is all relaxing – a beach with nothing to do but drink and enjoy the water and sand and food.  And drinks with little umbrellas.  But, as I said, we aren’t doing that much for the wedding so maybe a more adventurous would be more appropriate since we live in Hawaii and how much more relaxing can you get?

We don’t even have top choices at this point.  Any ideas, people?  We have everything from skiing in New Zealand to diving in Greece and everything in between.  We need to narrow this down before too long.

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