Puppy Love

For as long as I can remember (read: the past four years), Wes and I have been talking about dogs.  How much we love them and would like one some day.  Of course, for so long we were living in cramped apartment complexes and working long hours, so getting a puppy just wasn’t an option.  We watched as friends had to hurry home or cancel plans or not even make plans because of their dog. We’re young and wild and free we told ourselves.  Like Sally and her boyfriend, we could pick up and leave at a moment’s notice, which we have done frequently in the past two years.

And then we moved to Hawaii and even though it’s still technically an apartment, our house has something that we have never had before:

We have a backyard!  And not just any backyard, but a fenced-in backyard.  It’s not the biggest thing, but it’s big enough and when we signed the lease papers Wes whispered in my ear, “We might be able to get a puppy.”  Which, I then translated to, We’re Getting a Puppy!!!!!!!  Because the thing I forgot about Wes is that he isn’t quick to make Big Decisions.  The quickest decision he ever made was to buy the Audi, and that was forced after his car was stole (twice), but even that took months.  Everything else is a years-long process of Should I? or Shouldn’t I?  So when he says, “Maybe we can get a puppy” What he really means is, “Let’s do some homework for the next couple of years and decide if we can handle a dog in our life.”  Me, on the other hand, I make quick decisions and when I start thinking about getting something, it’s because I want it, not because I need to be swayed in one direction or the other.  So I’m swayed and Wes is still doing research.

Two weeks after we moved in our neighbors got a puppy.  A Rhodesian Ridgeback they named Whiskey who is so cute and cuddly.  And looks adorable playing in the backyard.  Seriously, how cute is this puppy?  Well, less cute when you factor in how many times she’s pooped in her crate, but cute enough.  Especially when I’m not the one cleaning up said poop.

We both want a German Shorthair Pointer and Wes happened to find some puppies in Hilo for sale.  And the reason he found them was because he was looking, so even though he says he’s leaning towards no, I think he’s leaning towards yes.  Otherwise, why would he be searching for a puppy?  My job tonight is to convince him that we really need a puppy.  That right now, while I’m not working, is the perfect time for it.  I don’t think it should be too difficult, considering he’s already picked a name out for the pup.

Update: No puppy for us.  And, yes, I am super sad about that.  Growing up, I never had a dog.  My brother had two – one that ran away and one that we had to get rid of when it was clear that he wasn’t going to take care of the dog.  My parents were trying to teach him a lesson or something.  I’m not sure it worked, though, because he ended up with two dogs.  Anyway, right now a dog isn’t a good idea.  And while I 60% agree with, I also 40% just don’t give a shit about all the (very valid) reasons to not get a dog because I just want one so badly.  So I’m trying focus on the fact that I will (hopefully – fingers crossed) find a job soon and leaving a puppy at home for 8-12 hours per day just isn’t fair for anyone – the puppy who will be locked in a crate or for me and Wes who will have to clean out said crate.  So those adorable little puppies (the one that Wes had named, even!) will hopefully find a good home elsewhere.  And we (by which I mean, Wes) will stop trying to find our dream breed for sale, thus getting our (by which I mean, my) hopes up.  And anytime Wes doesn’t want to just pack up and go, I will remind him that we didn’t get a dog so we could do exactly that.   I will rest my case and he will be forced to take me on the trip.  Or buy me a dog.  It’s his choice, really.  I won’t be picky about it.


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2 responses to “Puppy Love

  1. Ashley

    But Wes… Puppies are worth it.

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