It’s All A Learning Experience

The next few weeks are going to fly by.  At least, that’s how I hope that it will go since I’m dying to get out of the house and take Tsunami out for a walk.  I’m ready to explore the island and get back to living a life that doesn’t revolve around whether or not we need to get home to take the puppy out to the bathroom so that she doesn’t poop under the table (not that she’s ever done that) (oh, wait, yeah she did.  today).  It will be nice to tire her with a walk or a run or a visit to the dog park rather than throwing her wubba kong down the hallway or letting her run laps around the kitchen and living room, and then gluing our eyes to her to make sure that she gets outside to pee before an accident happens.

But these next few weeks are full of visitors that I’m hoping will make the days fly by until Tsunami can actually go outside.  This weekend we take her to the vet for her pen-ultimate shot.  Which means another ride in the car and hopefully getting her used to being back there and not freaking the fuck out.  The following weekend my friend Sheila will (hopefully) be here with her sister and niece, who live on the Big Island.  The Wednesday after that my parents come for a week and then Wes is gone for a weekend and then her last shot and we can finally (FINALLY!!!!) take her outside.

My mantra these days is, “She’s just a puppy” and I have to repeat it many times throughout the day.   She’s just a puppy and while she’s adorable, she’s also a terror.  But that’s what puppies are.  I definitely wasn’t prepared for all the ways that puppies are awful, and I paid for that the first two weeks.  Now that we’re a month into I’m more prepared for her bouts of misbehavior and it doesn’t ruin my day.  Instead I look at everything as a learning opportunity.  I’m just hoping she understands that’s what it is, too.

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