It Runs in the Family

Remember that time I forgot to buy my ticket to Portland?  And then when I forgot to get on the flight when I actually bought said ticket?  Well, apparently it runs in the family.

Our first house guests, my parents, were scheduled to arrive yesterday.  After realizing that they weren’t going to spend a fortune on our wedding they decided they wanted to be the first to visit us.  They found a great deal on tickets to the island.  The only problem was that they were out of Portland and my parents live in Boise.  So they scheduled another flight from BOI to PDX on another airline.  There was some question about whether or not they should fly out the night before to make sure that they got there in time, but they decided not to.  The flight out of Boise was the first one in the morning and the airline is usually on time.

So I think that we can see where this is going.  The usually-on-time airline wasn’t on time.  They were on the runway when they weren’t sent back to the gate for mechanical problems.  They didn’t leave for over an hour.  By the time they got to the gate in Portland they had missed their Hawaii flight by a mere 15 minutes.  Luckily Wes’ family lives in the Portland area so they had a place to crash instead spending 24 hours in the airport.

The caught the flight the next day with no problems and arrived safely in Honolulu 24 hours later than planned.  And we’ve been enjoying their trip ever since.  Pictures coming in the future of all our adventures.

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