Good exhaustion: Getting back to the real world after a good visit with family.

Bad exhaustion: Tired from the constant go! Go! GO! from a good visit coupled with a (possibly rainy) weekend with a puppy who can’t go outside for a walk and who hates the rain.

That’s where I’m at right now.  I had a great visit with my parents.

We started out with a trip to North Shore to see some of the awesome waves that everyone has been talking about.  But we must have missed the time of year when they’re really big.  They were still breaking really close to shore and it looked pretty dangerous, but they weren’t as huge as I think they get.

We stopped at a beach that’s supposed to be known for turtles just chilling in the sand and in the water, but they weren’t out when we stopped.  Instead we saw a pit bull roll around in the sand and watch his frustrated owner wash him off in the ocean only to have him roll around in the sand once he got out.

After that we headed over to the shopping center in Haleiwa and enjoyed shaved ice.  Instead of taking pictures of the shaved ice we took pictures of this:

While we were in Haleiwa we got the news that our friends in D.C. had just gotten engaged.  I won’t lie: I squealed a bit when Brette told me.  I love when a couple gets engaged and it’s pure excitement because you know it’s right.  I think I smiled as much as I did for them as I did when Wes and I got engaged.

After the shaved ice we headed to the Dole Plantation.

We didn’t make it to the maze, but we did try the pineapple sorbet, feed the koi, and take pictures of all sorts of pineapple.

And just when we thought that we would be able to head back home we decided that we needed to see the Pali Overlook.

And that was only the first full day.  The rest of the trip was just as full, just as fun, and just as exhausting.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take an already-sleeping puppy out to pee then put her in the kennel while I shower.  And then probably take her out again and get all muddy when she steps on me because did I mention that she hates the rain?

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