The Next 100 Days

Holy heck!  The wedding is in just 100 days!  Tomorrow we’ll be in the double digits!  And, yes, I realize I’m overusing the exclamation point bu my wedding is in 100 days!

I was thinking about how this time last year Wes and I were counting down to our 4th of July trip to DC to visit Brette and Wiley (who are also now engaged!).  And how once we got there Brette and I spent many a night in the kitchen discussing our respective boyfriend’s lack of commitment.  Over a bottle of wine, naturally.  We wondered how, after dating for 3 years and moving cities, these guys could take so long to realize that they wanted to marry us.

And then, just over a month after we returned from DC, Wes asked me to marry him.  I think a lot of my friends who were sick of me wondering when it was going to happen were glad that no longer had to listen to it.

Before we got engaged I had visions of doing a fantastic DIY wedding.  Of course, once we decided to have the wedding in Portland, and then found out we were moving to Hawaii, it was pretty impossible to have a DIY wedding.  Instead we searched for a venue that would do everything for us – wedding, reception, catering, alcohol.   Once we found it the rest was all downhill.

Well, mostly anyway.  There were a few speed bumps along the way – though that’s bound to happen when there are so many cooks in the kitchen (and there are many cooks in this kitchen).  But for the most part it’s been smooth sailing.   This past weekend we got our invitations (made by Wes’ sister as our wedding gift) and oh are they pretty.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I caressed them when I pulled them out of the box.  They look amazing and I am beyond excited about sending them out.  Something about putting them in the mail box (in 9 days!) will start a more serious countdown.  Yes the save-the-dates have gone out.  The venue has been rented.  Deposits have been made for dessert and flowers.  Bridesmaids dresses are in hand.  My dress is bought.  But there’s something about sending out the actual invitations that make this thing real.

I am getting married in 100 days.

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