Back on the Horse

When we lived in Orange County I hated cooking in our kitchen because it was so small.  We couldn’t have the dishwasher and refrigerator open at the same time.  It was incredibly difficult to fit two people in there at the same time and with the counter space limited it was pretty much impossible to try any new and daring recipes.  Moving here and having a kitchen that, although not even close to my dream kitchen, is spacious enough to try (and to want to try) new things had me making exciting things for all of two weeks.  And then we got a puppy and trying to cook with a four-legged creature who is either underfoot in the kitchen or wreaking havoc in the living room (cooking in the kitchen = prime time to run around on the couch without getting in trouble) is even more difficult that trying to cook in the our old kitchen.

But now Tsunami is growing into a very well-behaved puppy (thank god we finally get to take her outside!) and I’m ready to start cooking again. I’m ready to get our weekly menus going and try to find the best places to buy the freshest ingredients.  I’m ready to stop getting caught up in finding the quickest thing to eat, which is usually the worst thing.  I’ve been noticing that all the hard work I did in the gym in February has faded away rather more quickly than I would like.

In 97 days we’re getting married and I know that’s part of the reasoning behind getting back on the horse of a Healthy Lifestyle, but it’s other things as well.  I’ve watched my parents struggle with their weight and healthy eating and I know that Diabetes runs in my family.  I have to take care of myself before things get out of control.  Yes it’s a little about looking good, but it’s more about feeling good and being healthy.  It’s nice to walk into the closet and not have to worry about what fits and what doesn’t and how I feel in each and every article of clothing.

And all of this is just leading up to the fact that I’m contemplating running the Honolulu Marathon this year.  What a way to end out 2010, right?  Right?  After running the Half Marathon in 2008 I decided that running a full marathon wasn’t something I needed to do in my life.  But now, 2 1/2 years removed, it seems like something I need to do.  So much so that I added it to my Life List.  I’m sure I’ll sort of hate myself for it as I’m training, but I know the sense of accomplishment I felt after the half marathon and I’m looking forward to feeling that (times two, hopefully) again.

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