After Five Months

I think, after five months here, it’s safe to say that I’m happy here.  And healthier than I was in Orange County.  There’s not so much crying and much less yelling.  There’s more laughing and hugging and kissing.  More runs with the dog – there’s a dog!  Our house is bigger and more open than that shoe box we were living in before.

Five months ago today we boarded a plane to move to Hawaii.  We were both ambivalent and worried about living so far from home and on an island.  Worried about the housing and the electric bills and money in general.  I was worried about finding a job and making friends and just fitting in.  But a funny thing happened: it all worked out.  You guys, it all worked out.  We found a great place and we’ve made good friends.  This project is much more lady-friendly and I’ve made actual girlfriends and we drink wine and see movies and sometimes we even cry together.  I feel like I’m part of something in a way I never was in Orange County.

And being happier has made me healthier.  I cook more at home and I drink less and I work out more.  I walk more during the day instead of spending 10 hours a day surfing the internet.  I’m actually enjoying the work that I’m doing and I’m looking forward to learning more.  This morning I pulled out my bike and bike gear to join Wes on his ride to work and noticed that the spandex pants fit a little better than they did 8 months ago.  I’ve got 64 days to our wedding and instead of freaking out about losing weight and getting in shape, I’m not worried at all.

I’m exactly where I want to be.

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  1. Mama

    I am very happy for you and very proud of you!!

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