All Work and No Play

Last Tuesday I got asked to work full-time for the next two weeks and while I really l wanted to say that I had family in town and couldn’t, I knew that’s not the way to win a full-time position, which is what I’m ultimately after.  So instead of spending the days at the beach drinking umbrella drinks, I’m staring at the computer screen all day.  (Note to everyone: my almost-in-laws are not spending all day drinking cocktails at the beach.)

Being at work allows me plenty of time to think about all the activities I would surely be doing if only I weren’t chained to this desk: running with Tsunami, walking around Hawaii with only my camera, sitting a cute cafe just to read and write.  Thinking about these things only makes me mad that I have to work, but then I remind myself that I steady paycheck (even if it’s just from a part time job) helps me to relax and enjoy the time that I have off.  Instead of sitting on the couch and stressing out about budgets and bills I can get out and enjoy the world.

I’m getting married in 18 days and will then be able to cross of another Life List item.  It feels, at once, like it’s just right around the corner and also like 18 days will stretch out forever.  I keep reminding myself to not get caught up in all the small details of the day.   It’s part of a bigger plan to tell myself to slow down and enjoy what’s going on in the moment.  I need to stop worrying about how things will work out in the end and just go with the flow.  The wedding will be awesome because I’m marrying a man I love.  And there will be alcohol.  And dancing.  What could go wrong there?

The day after the wedding is the day I start my 365 Photo Project, also an item on my list.  It’s part of my plan to understand my camera better, but it’s also part of my plan to document our first year of marriage.  Obviously I can’t plan the pictures ahead of time, but I’m looking forward to seeing what the first year of marriage holds for me and Wes.  I’m excited to take the pictures that relate to our new life together (even though it probably won’t differ much from our current life together).  The plan is to take a picture and write about it.  And maybe I won’t get to write about every picture in depth, but I want to write a lot more than what I’ve been doing.  I want to slow down and put some memories down here.

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