Let’s Talk About My Puppy

She’s really fucking cute.

Adorable, no?

Even when she’s being awful and digging up the back yard and stealing socks and pens and paper towels/kleenex/toilet paper/basically any paper products, she’s still such a great looking dog.  I’ve gotten into daily running with her, and sometimes she’s fine – so excited to be out and get some much-needed release of energy, but sometimes she’s all, Dude, this fucking sucks.  Let’s just go home and I’ll run circles around the kitchen and living room and then go outside and dig up some rocks while destroying the back yard you’re trying to make pretty for me and after an hour of that I’ll be ready to pass out for the night. (Also, she just farted a smelly fart while I was writing that – a sort of fuck you for putting her private life on the internet?).  But I push on, pulling her, telling her to “come on” and “leave it” in my very sweetest voice because she likes the higher pitched voices.  Sometimes it feels like a lot of work and that it would be easier to just go home, but at home she tends to get a crazy amount of energy at 5:30 and I’d rather deal with her on a leash and force her to run it out than to sit idly by while she finds ways to get into trouble at home.

Last weekend while two of my best friends – Laura and Whitney – were visiting, we took her on a hike.  After the hike the previous week, in which she knocked me down on a very muddy trail, I wasn’t exactly stoked on getting out there again, but I figured there couldn’t be much harm since it wasn’t raining.  And there wasn’t.  The biggest problem were all the mosquitoes that were out for blood (ha ha ha).    The beginning of the trail had a new rope bridge that was supposed to be easier to cross than whatever was there before.  Easier for humans, yes, but less easy for four-legged creatures who don’t like the water.  It took some prodding, but I finally got Tsunami to cross the small dam so we could actually do the hike.  Her first forays into water were all ocean water and she did not like them one bit.  But fresh water seems to be her thing and at the half -way point of her hike we let her frolic in the water with a big stick (girl loves her a good stick).

Realizing water is fun

Tuesday night she met a husky at the dog park and, in her excitement to play, she checked the other dog into the fence.  Which caused her to limp, which in turn prevented our evening runs.  Our vet told us to keep her off of it and we picked up another prescription anti-inflammatory in hopes that would help.  It helped take the pain away, but not all of the limp.  So there wasn’t any strenuous exercise, but there was plenty of craziness around the five o’clock hour – and me without a cocktail.  Yesterday I came home from running errands for about two hours and she had dug up an area of the grass that we had blocked off with rabbit fence to prevent trampling while we grew new grass.  Once she sniffed out a piece of concrete (seriously, our backyard is like a graveyard for concrete), it wasn’t long before she figured out how to jump the fence.  The digging got worse from there and I decided that if she was well enough to cause such havoc she was well enough to go on a run.

It's hard to stay mad at that face

She’s almost nine months old and is getting better behaved and smarter every day.  Even in her thieving there is an element of brains.  And even though there are days when we would probably kill to sleep past 7am, or enjoy dinner or a glass of wine without worrying about her intrusive nose, she has moments that make it all worth it.

Like this one

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