No Sock Is Safe

We are harboring a thief in our house.  A four-legged thief whose weakness is socks.  German Shorthairs are supposed to be bird dogs, but we have a sock dog.  She sniffs them out in the most unlikely spots.  When I’m alone with her upstairs she wanders from room to room, searching out the familiar sent of a sock.  She sniffs at the laundry and in shoes, testing out the taste of a wash cloth or shirt before deciding that’s just not her thing.   Socks, her eyes seem to say as she drops the decidedly non-sock item, socks are where it’s at.

Right now there are three mate-less socks on my dresser.  I’m not sure where they disappear to – we do our laundry in the house and clean regularly.  I imagine that when we move out, in some corner of the house there will be a stockpile of socks.  Though, I thought that when I lost my glasses when I was 10 years old I would find them when we moved from Utah to Idaho and we never did, so I suppose I could be sitting with three mate-less socks on my dresser for a long time.

Well, not that long.  This morning I came out of our bathroom just in time to see Tsunami with her front paws on the dresser (the highest surface in our house, outside of closet shelves), stealing a sock.

The night before last, while we were upstairs getting ready for bed, she wandered into the guest bedroom.  Thinking that I had put everything out of her reach, I wasn’t too concerned.  But moments later she appeared with a sock.  Upstairs it’s much easier to catch her (downstairs there’s putting up the baby gate and forcing her into a corner, at which point, knowing she’s been caught, she drops it; upstairs there’s no circle for her to loop around – she’s always in a corner), and we got it out of her mouth and sent her to her kennel.  When I returned from putting the sock away, I looked into her kennel and found her with – of course – a sock.  She’s like a magician, hiding multiple socks in her mouth for use at a later date.

When I take her running or we take her on a weekend hike, she finds all sorts of debris, but her nose seems to search our socks.  It doesn’t matter that they’re dirty or that she doesn’t know the owner, she’ll find them.  This past weekend we took a hike to some falls and had to watch her like a hawk, lest she steal some poor hiker’s sock.

Of course, on the hike back to the car, she found one that had been abandoned.  She popped it in her mouth and pranced off, the happiest dog in the world.

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