Five Things

So the Life List (please don’t call it a Bucket List, it just sounds silly).  I’m marking things off and it’s growing as I think of new things that I want to do (or things that I don’t want to do, like “swim with the dolphins”, which was crossed off after we watched The Cove).  And even though it feels like the middle of the summer here, I do realize that 2010 is on its way out, and I’ve decided to commit to crossing – or starting to cross off – five things on my list: 1) Throw a New Year’s Eve Party; 2) Run a Marathon; 3) Read 100 classic books; 4) Frame photographs I took; 5) Complete NaBloPoMo in November.

Number 5 is something that I’ve tried (and failed at) before.  It’s a lot harder than it seems, but I’m determined to do it last year.  Last year I came close, though not in November, but one post didn’t publish and even though I know I wrote it on the correct day, not posting is still failure in NaBloPoMo.  And this year I’m determined to make it through 30 days of posting.  It may not always be pretty, but at least I’ll get words on a page.  And, really, isn’t that half the battle?

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