How do freelancers keep their focus?  I’m working on a research project and I find myself wanting to do anything but research for said project.  I’m picking up episodes of Lawa & Order: SVU during their scare-a-thon, or finidng a book of crossword puzzles that I’ve just got to finish so that I can get rid of the damn book.  I’m finding ways to keep myself from the research and I think it goes back to this.  If I wait until the last minute to find everything then I’ll feel relatively good about all the progress that I made; but if I work on it over the course of two weeks and come up with nothing, then I’ll feel like an idiot.  And I hate to feel like that.

But, of course, I’m trying now.  Right?  I’m trying to see what I’m capable of.  So I bargained with myself: one more episode of House Hunters International and then on to work.  As long as the puppy stays occupied with her bone and my battery lasts.  It’s a small start, but it’s a start.


In other news, tomorrow starts NaBloPoMo and even though I tried, I haven’t been able to get that badge up here.  I’ve tried it before (posting, not the badge) and I’ve failed each time.  This month, though, I’m determined to finish.  I need to cross something off my Life List.  I’ve also started a little picture project with my dad, who is really into (and good at) photography.  Every time we see each other I prod him with questions about my camera and f/stop and light and ISO, and then I promptly forget.  So he came up with the idea to focus on one thing for one month and take photos of that.  We’re going to post them to Picasa and discuss them and hopefully I’ll keep learning things and taking better pictures.  If nothing else, though, it gets me out taking pictures; I can’t let my dad down, right?

And that’s it.  Back to research.  And thinking about topics for the next month.

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