I suppose this should have been posted earlier, but today is my long day and I woke up feeling sick and came home to a puppy who had a ton of energy from being home alone all day and I’m still making her go to sleep early because I feel ill.

But anyway, today was election day.  I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to vote because I recently changed my name and the last time I registered to vote in Hawaii I received my voter registration card the day after the election.  So, yeah, I wasn’t sure that it would come in time.  But then, last week, it arrived in the mail and I was able to do my civic duty.  As everyone should be doing.


(In other news: I almost failed NaBloPoMo on Day 2, which would be really sad.  I think I need to set an alarm to remind myself.)

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  1. Mama

    I am being really good this time and keeping my nose out of it; however, I do look forward to your blog each morning (with the time difference, I don’t see it till the morning).

    Have a good day and I hope you’re feeling better.

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