I just realized that today would be our five-year anniversary, if we were still celebrating anniversaries of when we started dating.  Which, now that we’re married, we’re not.  And even if we had decided to keep that up and have two anniversaries each year, I’m sick and Wes is in Omaha so it would have been a pretty shitty anniversary (beaten out for shitty anniversaries only by #2 when we got on separate planes back from Austin and I pretty much puked and cried the entire way back to San Francisco).

For the past five years I’ve heard Wes’ voice every day.  Some days I’ve heard a lot more of it, but I’ve still heard his voice every day, and that’s a long time to still care about what someone is saying.  My mom likes to remind me that when Wes and I first started dating (back when it was still just “hanging out”) I would always refer to him as “Whitney’s friend”.  I think I did that as much for their benefit as for mine.  I always got sick of the boys I dated.  Nothing relationship before Wes lasted more than 3 months because something would always end up annoying and I’d walk away.

At some point in our beginning stages, though, I stopped calling him “Whitney’s friend” but I still kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I kept waiting for the annoyance to set in – he doesn’t read for pleasure; he votes Republican; his grammar is atrocious.  But it never happened.  I remember talking to Whitney over gchat one day, discussing relationships and how weird they are and someone being perfect on paper and still not working out and I told her that I never saw myself falling for someone like Wes, but I did.  Sometimes opposites do attract.  Sometimes it takes someone who isn’t like you at all to completely understand you.

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