We were lucky enough to get all of our dishes, pots & pans and stem ware for our wedding.  Unfortunately, fitting all that into our already cramped kitchen was a challenge.  We were already pressed to capacity with the many nesting bowls and plastic containers Wes let me we registered for.  And with the new pots and pans not being able to touch each other, it’s not as if we could switch them with the pots and pans we were getting rid of.  So we started coming up with ideas.  Like making the hall closet a pantry.  It houses paper towels and a rice cooker already, we’d just have to move out the golf clubs and cooks books littering the ground and then there would be room just behind the tool chest.  But the idea of having to walk out of the kitchen and into another room didn’t seem very practical so Wes came up with another idea: a shelf in the kitchen.  Thirty dollars later (and one handy man engineer husband’s brains), we had this lovely display:

Practical Art

Bur even that only freed up enough space for our waffle maker and panini press; our stemware still sat in boxes, waiting for an appropriate place to be housed.  In July we had an old bar from Wes’ family sent down, but it sat mostly empty until Wes found time to fix some of its imperfections.  It wasn’t quite big enough to hold our wine glasses, but it’s the perfect size to hold liquor and various wine/drinking accessories, as well as some cookbooks, which cleared off so much counter space I felt like we’d just moved in.  For our stemware we ended up ordering ordering shelves from Pottery Barn and when Wes finished setting it all up we had this masterpiece:

Ready to Entertain

Tsunami wasn’t so impressed with this setup, though.  When it was all finished she stood in front of the couch (which is in front of the bar area) and barked at it.  She wouldn’t step foot behind the couch; the first night the closest she got to this display was the kitchen door, just off to the right.  Something about all the glasses was really freaking her out.  She’s since settled down, perhaps once she realized that it’s just wine, which she loves (seriously, don’t leave you’re glass alone or she will drink out of it).

Every item we add, or change we make to this place makes it seem more like home.  I feel less like we’re two young kids and more like married adults.  I know it’s just stuff and we shouldn’t be so dependent on how material things make us feel, but I can’t help it.  It makes me feel settled and even a little bit safe.

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