I Think We All Knew This Was Going To Happen

I failed NaBloPoMo again.  I think that’s three times, now.  Each time I sign up for this I swear that I’ll remember to do it.  I’m convinced that writing every day will put me in a groove and I’ll start to notice new things and my writing will improve tenfold.  Inevitably, though, I end up publishing small snippets that mean absolutely nothing and have no business being posted except for the fact that I needed to post that day.  It reminds me of the diary I had in elementary school.  All the pages were pre-dated and I felt that if I didn’t write anything down than I was doing something wrong.  When the year was I up all I had was a book full of “Today was okay” and “Today was pretty much the same as yesterday”, which I had filled in after the day had ended.

So that’s it for me and NaBloPoMo.  Until next year when I decide that it’s something I really need to finish.  It might be my white whale.

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