Mele Kalikimaka

It’s difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when outside it’s 82 degrees and sunny, which was pretty much every day until the middle of last week when it started to rain.  A lot.  When it rains in Hawaii it doesn’t get cold; it gets warmer, which means it gets more humid.  Touch anything in our house and it will feel wet.  Leave your towel to dry over night and it will still feel damp in the morning.  Step outside in a rain jacket and you’ll immediately brake a sweat.

We exchanged gifts with Wes’ family when we were in Portland just after Thanksgiving, and we’ll exchange gifts with my family when they arrive this weekend.   We decided to try something new this year and draw names for gifts instead of breaking the bank to buy everyone a gift.  After finding gifts for our two, my mom and my brother’s girlfriend, I had this conversation with my brother:

Him: No one is sticking to the plan of just buying gifts for one person.

Me: What the hell?  We are!

Him: Oh, well I guess just you two are then.

Me: Our gift to the rest of you is letting you stay in our house for 10 days.

In truth, I do have a small surprise for all of them when they arrive, and though I want to have a huge reveal right now, my family does read this and I’ve come this far without spoiling the surprise that it would be silly to not just wait until Thursday for them to see.

Wes and I decided that our gift to each other would be a deep-sea fishing trip, which is something that we’ve wanted to do for quite a while now.  Now that we’ve joined accounts, trying to surprise each other was proving to be more effort than we cared to expend.  So instead of buying each other stuff we opted for an experience.


I’ve been debating for months on whether or not to send out Christmas cards.  I first had plans of a family photo (me, Wes, Tsunami) and the caption, “WE SURVIVED TSUNAMI 2010!” and then after our wedding I was excited to add a wedding photo.  But, as with most things, I didn’t have enough motivation to do it.  The task of addressing and writing a personal note seemed daunting and I scrapped the idea entirely.  But over the weekend I collected the cards we had received and taped them to the wall.  Not all of them had an personal note, but it was heart-warming to see those faces, nonetheless.  So this afternoon I logged on to Costco photos and made our very own 2010 holiday card.  I can pick them up tomorrow and hopefully send them out in time for a New Year’s wish.  My goal next year will to not be such a slacker and just send them.


We have been dog-sitting for some friends of ours.  Two min-pins (mini pinschers) who, though very cute and cuddly and obedient, have one very big problem: their balls, which they both still have.  No amount of yelling or butt smacking will stop these two from trying to mark their territory.  We have to watch them like hawks when they’re on the carpet and once they leave we’ll need to clean off the dog house, the patio post, the grill and the fence.  On top of that, we have to keep track of them while they’re outside because Tsunami has been peed on three times already.  It would be sort of funny if it weren’t so annoying.  There’s also a little bit of humping going on, but the peeing is the real issue.

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  1. Wendy

    Well…what is this special little gift that you have? Are you prego already?!? I thought we had a game plan for all of that shit? Anyways….your Christmas card is in the mail and god only knows how long it will take to get to Hawaii. 🙂

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