When Did 28 Become So Old?

I’m at Starbucks, studying for a test that I haven’t yet signed up for. The last time I took studying seriously the world was ridiculously different. My first cell phone didn’t have text messaging capabilities and wi-fi was non-existent. When I went to a coffee shop to study I actually studied. This time around it’s a little harder to stay focused when I could be doing any number of other things that don’t include making flash cards reading books.

Honestly, I’m not sure I could have finished school if I’d had so many distractions. And let’s keep in mind that I’m still relatively young. I finished college five years ago and in that time so much has changed.

Also: what the hell are the kids wearing these days? Is it just that I live in a warm-weather city so the shorts are short? Or is that way every where? I see girls wearing heels and carrying purses to school and think back to my own school years where it was just kitten heels for dances only.

In short, I feel old. Well, not all the time. We have three 60-year-old (ish) women staying with us and as Wes and I were griping about the differences between us I realized that by the time we’re their age, our niece will be our age. If we happen to visit her in our golden years she could possibly be griping about the same thing the two of us were.


We’ve been talking about kids lately, and what our time line is and I swear there is nothing that will make you feel older. How is it that we can be old enough to have kids?  How is it that my parents managed to take care of two kids before they turned 25? I keep telling myself that we’re too young to think about kids; that we have years before it should even be a topic of conversation. But we’re not that young, kids-wise. We’re both pushing 30 and this is the right time to start thinking about them. But I still can’t help but feel too young.

I’ve been recruiting all my married lady friends to have kids at the same time so that at least we can have a mom’s group and we won’t all go crazy with newborn babies. If my first two weeks with Tsunami were any indication of how I’m going to react to a baby, I’m going to need a huge support system (though that is not an invitation for my mother to move in for 6 months while I adjust).


And speaking of visitors, we’re in day 4 of our second of three sets of visitors for the month of January.  I’m not sure how it happened that almost the entire month of January was taken up with family visiting, but it did.  It’s impossible to say no to family, isn’t it?  Wes and I are treasuring any time we have to ourselves with – wait for it – laying on the couch and watching tv or reading in complete silence.  I have never treasured silence so much.  As much as I love seeing family and spending time with them, I’m looking forward to February.  I may spend the entire time walking around the house naked just because I can.  Probably not, as that would mean I’d have to shut all the blinds and we have a lot of windows so it just seems like a lot of work.


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6 responses to “When Did 28 Become So Old?

  1. Mama

    You crack me up! Love you…

  2. Wendy

    Well….if you want to walk around naked while I am there in 1 week, well that is fine with me. I will be on the beach with a drink in my hand. Although come to think of it…Megan and I might just want to join in on the party!

  3. Candee

    And Wendy is having a heart attack turning 30!!

    I had both my kids by the time I was 31, you still have time! Save money now because you’ll be totally broke when you have them!!!!!!!

    And yes you probably did wear short shorts!!

  4. Wendy

    Oh…wait my brother IS NOT allowed to be home if this happens!!!

  5. Kristi Torsak

    Hey, can I come visit? ha.

    That is so weird to read this blog, because just a few days ago I was thinking to myself “I bet Dani will have some kids sometime soon, or at least start thinking about it.” You will be a GREAT mom.

    While it is funny to relate dogs to babies and future parenting skills, there is just no comparison. 😉 Babies are better. They smell better, they poop in diapers and not on floors (I guess that would depend on the skills of the parent but you get what I’m saying), they drink from clean sources (breast/bottle) and not from a dirty bowl on the floor, they don’t eat for awhile which makes it a nice gradual adjustment on the grocery budget, when they are your own their cries are irresistible, not like a dog crying that makes you want to punch the wall, they make the best cuddle partners on the planet, they have no claws or drool or slobber or shedding to worry about, baby staring contests are the absolute best, plus they don’t randomly bark at you during them, I could go on and on. Babies are fabulicious… but if God delivered toddlers I would choose a dog.

  6. Sarah la Rosa

    The shorts totally are shorter.

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