Happy Birthday, Tsunami!

Birthday Girl

Tsunami turned one year old last month and instead of letting the day pass without any pomp or circumstance, I found a recipe for dog treats and made Tsunami cupcakes to celebrate her big day. Most days we take Tsunami to the dog park in our neighborhood and over the past six months she’s met a lot of good dog friends. Sure there’s a lot of scratches on her, but the release of energy she gets from her daily dog park visits makes all of that worth it. So on her birthday – January 9th – we headed over to the dog park with our cupcakes and toys to celebrate Tsunami’s first birthday.

Uri dressed up for the occasion, which caught Sebastian’s eye.

Uri & Sebastian

Efes, Tsunami’s most constant companion at the dog park, showed up to enjoy the treats.


Athena and Spanky, two other regulars, were also there:

The Gang

Wes and I talk a lot about how difficult having a dog is. How much work and time and money is involved in having a pet. We have to plan everything out and though it’s a good dress rehearsal for kids, there are still moments that we wish we hadn’t made the decision to get a dog. But those moments always pass and I we’re both happy that we have her. Without her we wouldn’t have made new friends and we’d probably still be friends with the shitty neighbors who think nothing of drugging a dog they’re watching. For all the headaches she’s caused, she’s still a great addition to our family.

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