Home Alone

Yesterday Wes left for a work trip to the mid west, leaving me home alone with an injured puppy. So instead of taking her to the park and tiring her out every night, I’m stuck at home with her, forcing her to calm the fuck down and rest. Dogs just do not understand injuries. I’m like, Dude, you’re fucking limping. You don’t want to walk on your back leg, can you please just relax and heal yourself? And her response is to run around, bat shit crazy as though her very life depends on acting as wild as possible. Yes, I sympathize with her. Nothing sucks more than not being able to do that which you most desperately want to do. But that doesn’t change the fact that I’m trying to get her healthy and she’s just trying to have fun. If dog ownership is anything like parenting, parenthood is going to be rough.

The longer this injury lasts (it seems to be just a strain in her back leg so we haven’t seen the vet yet – this seems to happen fairly often – but we are keeping an eye on her and should she get worse we’ll get her checked out) the shorter her bursts of energy becomes, which is both good and bad. Seeing a normally very energetic Tsunami so sleepy leaves me with a weird feeling, which leads me down a path of What if…? Where the end of that is,  it’s something serious and we have to put her to sleep? I try not to think about that too often because I have the type of personality that will latch on to that and I’m sure my negative attitude isn’t going to help heal my puppy.

So Wes is gone for the next week. Every time he leaves I feel a little sad, which leaves me feeling silly that having my husband leave leaves me lonely and depressed, which isn’t the case at all. But something about watching Wes get on a plane for a week gets me sad. Again with the What if scenarios. What if his plane crashes? What if his car crashes? What if my car crashes? Yes, I’m a little dramatic; knowing that doesn’t make me any more calm about it.

What does calm me down about Wes’ absence is all the food I can eat without him here. We have very different ideas about what constitutes good food, so when Wes goes out of town I can make whatever I want, with as much spice as I want. And also having girlfriends over to enjoy good food – and good wine.

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