Congratulations, Delayed

When we moved to Hawaii Wes and I assumed that we would have more visitors than we had in Southern California. Knowing that we wouldn’t be able to make it home as often as we have in previous years was certainly a factor, but we were also so negative about Orange County that I’m sure it put off a lot of people from visiting. For the first 11 months of the year our visitors were pretty well spaced out, but as we headed into the holiday season we were bombarded with visitors. I suppose that’s because everyone wants to escape the winter weather and spend some time soaking up the sun. And we have plenty of sun here.

In late December our friend, Ken, finally brought his girlfriend of 3 years (4?) to meet us. We have been teasing Ken that Jackie didn’t actually exist since we’d never had a chance to meet her. She’s currently in med school in Chicago and our schedules have just never matched up to make a meeting possible. And since we planned an August wedding instead of celebrating with us, Jackie was taking finals. But December means that finals are over and students can relax. And what better way to relax than with a three-day trip to Hawaii?

Enjoying the sun!

When we picked them up from the airport we nearly drove past them because last time we saw Ken he didn’t have a beard, and even if we knew to picture him with one we would never have guessed that his facial hair would grow in red when his hair is jet black. We tried to get him to shave it, but he was going back to Seattle weather so we settled for just teasing him about the color.

She exisits!

Jackie is every bit as charming as we’ve heard she is. They arrived with gifts for both me and Wes and after their stay we received a lovely card with a picture, thanking us for having her, which immediately made me feel guilty for how many times I have not send handwritten thank you cards and I’ve decided that the next time I stay with any friends I’ll make sure to do that.


They only had a couple of days in town before they had to get back to their homes to celebrate Christmas, so we didn’t have a lot of time to spend together, which turned out to be a good thing. They spent two nights with us and then headed up to Turtle Bay for their last night. Where they got engaged! And then, though were the last the last of Ken’s friends to have met Jackie, Wes and I were the first to see them after their engagement. Because that’s what people do in Hawaii.

Jackie, I’m sorry Ken has that beard in all the pictures of your engagement Hawaii trip. But congratulations!

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