A Hiatus

I’ve been reading a lot about people trashing their life lists and I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing. I love the idea of crossing things off of a list, in theory. In practice, I feel exhausted by all the things I need to do with my life. I added things on the list like, frame my photographs and bake bread. When I added them to the list I never realized how inconsequential those things would be when I actually completed them. Crossing them off my list doesn’t make my life any more full. And adding them didn’t prompt me to do them so much as they just fit into my lifestyle in a way that they didn’t when we lived in Orange County and I originally decided that doing those things were important to my life.

So I’ve baked a couple of loaves of bread and nearly all the pictures we have framed in our apartment right now are ones that I took. It feels a little foolish to cross them off my list, which makes me think that it was foolish to put them on there.

I’m feeling restless, is what’s going on. I’m feeling like the whole list is filled with inconsequential items that, when completed, won’t matter. And the larger items on there seem like they’ll never happen. When will we have time to visit all the places we want to. I want to snap my fingers and have my life organized and my life list revamped. So I think I might scrap it all and focus on a few at a time. Set new goals every couple of months and reevaluate what I’m doing and why.

What I want to focus on for the next couple of months is organizing our apartment and decorating a little more. We haven’t painted anything here because we don’t really know how long we’ll be here with Wes’ project on hold. But there are other ways to add color and flair and personal touches to our home, and that’s what I want to do. Once our apartment is our home I’m hoping I’ll feel a little more clearer on all fronts and getting back to the Life List won’t feel so minor.

That’s the plan anyway.

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