Maggie asked what our favorite childhood memories are and the results are amazing. So I’m adding mine.

  • On road trips my parents came up with jobs for me and my brother to do to keep us from fighting the entire trip. My job was to read mile marker signs (mile marker 40, mile marker 39, mile marker 38, etc., etc., etc.) and my brother’s job was to read the signs showing how many more miles to various cities. Only now can I understand how annoying that must have been for my parents, yet it was still better than listening to us fight for 6 hours.
  • I used to ask my mom for a stick of gum and when she handed it to me I would take the gum out and then carefully fold up the foil wrapper and ask her if she wanted a piece of gum. She said yes every time and then laughed with me when I revealed the joke. I couldn’t believe she fell for it every time. When my family was here a couple of months ago my brother and I tried it again and laughed our asses off
  • Our house in Utah had a long hallway to the bedrooms and at the end of the hallway there were two candles. My parents would light them at night. They would also start the dishwasher after dinner and I loved the sound of the dishwasher coupled with the candle-lit hall as I walked to my bedroom. I think I may be the only person in the world who finds the sound of a running dishwasher comforting.
  • When we lived in Utah we had family dinners every night. With no television. With the subject of kids coming up, Wes and I both agree that family dinners are a must.
  • Before bed each night I would tell my parents good night by saying, “Good night, sleep good, see you in the morning, love you.” We would race each other to finish first.
  • My brother and I had rooms down the hall from each other and our closets butted up against each other. One afternoon we were sent to our rooms and my brother decided that he could make a hole in our closets so that we could talk. For whatever reason he had a hammer in his room and succeeded in making a small hole in the wall that stayed there until we moved a year or so later.
  • Camping. And fishing. My brother hated to clean fish so my dad and I would clean them all. I can’t wait to take my kids camping and teach them to fish.
  • My cousin’s lived around the corner from us when we lived in Utah and every Easter we got together and hunted for Easter eggs together.
  • One year we went camping with my dad’s family in Moab. All of the cousins got together and made our own little camp in the sand. We had couches and chairs and even dug a hole for the toilet. I think we even tried to drink cactus juice.
  • On that same trip my grandparents taught us to play poker.
  • My grandparents on my dad’s side moved to Southern Utah when I was young and the first trip I remember taking there my grandfather gave me a pomegranate.

And those are just a few.


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5 responses to “Memories

  1. Mama

    What great memories; I love them all.

  2. Candee

    I didn’t know you fished. I love to fish, never got Wes, Wendy or Jim into that. It is a great memory of me and my dad. And, yes, I do clean fish!!

    • d

      I haven’t fished in ages but I have great memories of it. Wes and I are going deep sea fishing this summer and when we get back to the mainland Whitney will teach us how to fly fish.

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