With all the Grass, Dirt and Sticks Why Would She Pay Attention to Me?

Wes left last Tuesday on a whirlwind trip to three different locations in two different countries (ok, I admit, it’s just the US and Canada, but still) in just seven days. Tsunami and I were left behind to hold down the fort. Since moving to Hawaii the business trips he takes are longer than what he would have to take if we lived on the mainland and every time I hear that he’s got to leave for a class or a meeting I get a little nervous at being left alone with the puppy. Sometimes she’s the sweetest puppy in the world; but other times she’s just awful and I want nothing more than to put her on a plane and send her back to the Big Island where she came from.

Lately, though, it’s been getting easier to deal with her so I wasn’t particularly worried about the seven days alone with her. I managed to make plans and get her to the dog park and shower and exercise and wake up in the middle of night when she needed to pee. I made dinners and lunches and even entertained a friend one night.

But today that all changed. It’s like Tsunami knew that I was getting overwhelmed with being sole entertainer/disciplinarian. Last night she woke up at 11:30 and 4:30 and because she’d had explosive diarrhea from the beach that afternoon I let hear out each time – the alternative of cleaning up her mess wasn’t something I wanted to deal with. This afternoon there was digging and endless rounds of me yelling at her to get her outside rope outside. We finally went to the park at 4:30 so that she could get some energy out. But instead of playing fetch with me at the park, like she does at home, she wandered around and ate sticks. She loves wood almost as much as she loves the coral she digs up in the backyard.

Just before we left to the park I started to feel a twitch in my eye that continued for the next couple of hours. My body is clearly telling me that it’s time for Wes to return, annoyed that he gets to enjoy Salt Lick and hockey games.

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