Cough Cough

Can someone please tell me why people think it’s okay to go to work when they’re sick? What is the point of dragging yourself into the office when you’re clearly too ill to be there? Perhaps your boss will notice and make a mental note of how dedicated you are, but mostly you just get everyone else sick. And that’s not cool.

I’m sick, by the way, and more than likely sick from two co-workers who came to work in spite of being sick. This cold, though, happened to coincide with some rain we were expecting so at least Tsunami slept a lot while I wallowed around on the couch. Unfortunately, it also happened to coincide with a planned power outage Thursday morning. But, whatever, all is well now. Or mostly well. I’m feeling a little bit better. And Wes will be home soon enough and I’ll put him on dinner and dog duty for a while.

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