She’s Going the (Olympic) Distance


3! 2! 1! Go!

I competed in my longest triathlon to date, the Olympic distance. It’s double the Sprint, which was my previous longest distance, and quadruple the Super Sprint, which was the first triathlon I ever did back in September.

I signed up in December when the price was pretty reasonable and I felt like I had ages in front of me to train. And I did train, sort of. Two weeks before the race my friend and I decided we needed to buckle down and set a serious schedule and really focus on the biking part of it. We had done a lot of swimming and running, but not so much biking and running (or biking at all, to be honest). But just three days into our rigorous schedule, I got a cold that took me out of exercise for a couple of days. I wasn’t at my best going into the race, is what I’m trying to say.

But I did it! And I didn’t die. So all is well.

Before the race I had hoped to finish in under 3:30:00 because that seemed pretty reasonable for a 1500m, 40k bike, and 10k run.

The Swim:

I had practiced this swim a lot and though the water is really flat at this beach, I was still having difficulty staying straight. I would go out there with a friend and would consistently veer off, both right and left. Coming back, we were swimming into the sun and my goggles were fogged up and my black goggles had broken a couple of days before so I was wearing clear goggles, which are great for seeing what’s in the ocean, but not so great for seeing the buoys and figuring out where the heck I was going. Several times I was so off course that the lifeguards had to wave me back into the mix (and out of oncoming swimmers).

Total Time: 34:24. Not awful, but I was shooting for 30 minutes, so not great either. I guess this means I need to figure out how to swim in a straight line.


Done with the swim

The Bike:

After the last triathlon I did I knew I had to spend some time on my bike. Last race my legs were shot by the time I finished with the bike and the run was pretty uncomfortable. I had done some bike rides and coupled them with a run afterward, but I was still pretty nervous about how I would finish the run after the bike. So I took it easy. I got passed a lot and I was spitting up remnants of my cold for most of the ride. I tried to catch up with my friend who was doing it with me, but she had a 2-minute lead at the turn around and I just couldn’t do it.

Total time: 1:28:19. I thought this was going to take me close to 2 hours, which means that I clearly don’t know how to estimate the time it will take me to finish a race. Not too surprising since I’m the same way in real life.

The Run:

Oh, god was it an awful start. For the first two miles my shins were killing me and I had to stop and walk more than I’d prefer to have done. I’m not sure how I’m pedaling on my bike, but I think it’s time to figure out if I’m doing it right so that the run isn’t awful. By mile 2, though, I finally got into a rhythm and the pain was more of an annoyance than anything. And then I started to realize that I could finish this thing in under 3:15:00. So that’s what I did.

Total time: 1:02:15. Not bad considering I walked. The last 10k I ran (which was just a 10k and didn’t involve any other sports), I finished in 1:06:17 so at least I’m getting better.


Home Stretch

Total Race Time: 3:09:54

All the photos are from my iPhone because I’m trying to get Wes to care about taking photos so that we don’t end up with albums full of Tsunami and Wes with me nowhere to be seen.

There’s a race coming up in July and I’m trying to convince Wes to team up with me. He’ll take the bike and I’ll handle the run and swim. I know he hates being on the sidelines, but that’s what happens when you lose most of your cartilage playing college rugby. I had him on board until he realized the price, but I think I may be able to talk him into it.

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  1. Candee Renton

    So proud of you!!

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