P90 Sizzle*

A couple of weeks ago Wes and I went in for a physical, something for his company’s health and wellness program. We expected to come out with a clean bill of health, but we both had higher than normal levels of cholesterol. We talk a lot about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle: he rides his bike to work and I have swimming, biking and running. But this opened our eyes to making sure that our diet agrees with the healthy lifestyle we’re trying to achieve. Dairy, which I didn’t have much of growing up because I just didn’t care for it, has taken a larger portion of my snacks and meals and so we’ve cut a lot of that out.

We also invested in P90X because we’ve heard such good things and we really need something to kick us (and our bodies) into gear. My brother tried it a couple of years ago and he noticed results (and so did I, through pictures) in just two or three weeks. Yes the workouts are intense, but they are worth it.

We started on Monday and today just finished the first of twelve weeks. The first three days left us both pretty sore. Evey time I would stand up at work I felt like I had just dismounted from a very long horse ride. After about 20 steps or so I would start walking normally, but that first minute or so was rough. When punching holes in papers I could feel it in my chest and buttoning my pants after using the bathroom was a challenge. We’re pushing ourselves as far as we can, and it still doesn’t feel like we’re close to completing ever rep of every set for the workouts. Monday morning was rough because we both felt that we were in better shape than that workout showed us we were. By the end of the first work out we didn’t feel out of breath, but muscles that we never use were screaming at us.

It’s already gotten better, though. I can feel my energy levels rising, which is nice since we’re waking up at 4 am to do this. Yesterday when I put on my jeans (it was raining and chilly enough that jeans, for once, were a good idea during the day!) I noticed a small difference. Okay, okay, it could be from all the shit food we ate in preparation for P90X, but I’m choosing to believe that I’m already shedding fat. We took before photos, but I’m not releasing them until I have an after picture to show.

*I’m not sure why I started to doing this, but I’m adding “izzle” to a lot of words. Tsunami became Tsunmizzle, which then became The Tsnizz. I keep adding it to tv shows and pretty much anything we do. Wes tries to tease me about it, but it’s slipped into his vocabulary too.

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