From the Middle of the Pacific to the Edge of the Atlantic

The best thing about New York, as it is in most large cities, is all the walking. I’ve missed that living in Hawaii. Now, granted, with Coop (my brother’s girlfriend) still on crutches after knee surgery we did drive to a few places in their neighborhood that would have been too far for her and that probably broke up constant walking. But, whatever. The walking is the best part.

The best thing about the trip, though, was spending time with my brother and his girlfriend. He’s got a history of dating women who are, for lack of a better description, crazy and I never clicked with any of them. Coop, though, is pretty awesome and I can see why some families don’t want to give up a sibling/child’s significant other if they break up.

I wish I had pictures to share but I ran out of room on my internal hard drive and have been struggling with getting an external hard drive working with iPhoto correctly. I thought that I had it, but for whatever reason I can’t upload from the external hard drive to wordpress. And right now I’m just feeling too lazy to figure any of it out. Suffice it to say that we had a great time in New York and I’m incredibly jealous that Coop & Porter get to live their for the next two years. Meanwhile, we’re back to Hawaii and all that weight that I thought I was going to gain while in New York and eating and drinking every night and that never appeared has suddenly popped up in one week back because we drive everywhere and who wants to work out the first week back from vacation?

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