New York, New York

So let’s talk New York, even though I don’t have pictures to back up the fact that I really was there and I really did do all the things I say I did. Because if I don’t write about it now (nearly two weeks (two weeks! I miss everyone already, even if they’re glad to be rid of me) after we’ve returned home) it will become like our honeymoon and no one will ever know just how much fun we really had.

So. New York. It was awesome. We arrived early evening Sunday night and Wes still had a slight hang over from the wedding on Saturday (which was also a lot of fun and deserves maybe a post of its own, and it will, but that will definitely require photos) where an old college buddy of his brought a bottle of Jack Daniels. So instead of both of us being responsible, Wes had a little bit of Jack and I put us to bed at what turned out to be a relatively early hour of 2:00 am. So that first night in New York was pretty low key. We met up with a few of Coop and Porter’s friends at a bar a couple of miles away for trivia night. We helped them not come in last place, but we were too late to give them a chance to win. By the end of the game, though, Wes and I were ready for bed.

Monday morning we slept late and then picked up Coop from physical therapy for breakfast. (She had knee surgery a couple of months ago and she was a real troop through our entire visit. Even with crutches she still managed to make it out with us most days and for most activities and because I like her an awful lot, I was happy that she could join us.)  After breakfast we dropped Coop back at the apartment and the three of us headed over to Coney Island.

Basically a glorified fair

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was a little let down by the fact that it was just a glorified fair.  I’m not big on rides, but we decided to try the Cyclone even though it looked old enough to collapse at any moment. We all sat in separate seats and Wes, in the front, tried to get video of us, but the ride was so rickety it was hard to keep the camera in focus. With each curve and turn we had to brace ourselves or risk getting tossed about and straining our necks. Coop is super happy she didn’t join us for this outing.

My neck still hurts from this ride

After the roller coaster we walked along the boardwalk and headed over to Nathan’s hotdogs. I love hotdogs so there was no way we weren’t going to the Original Nathan’s. I was partially expecting them to be awful because that’s what happened when I finally had my first Dodger Dog, but they weren’t. I’ve come to realize that it’s all about managing expectations. The hot dogs were good, even if they didn’t offer any onions.

Hot dogs for all

Our own hot dog eating contest, but we didn't soak them in water first












From Coney Island we headed back over to Brooklyn to see the Brooklyn bridge. My brother is sort of obsessed with the bridge and since Wes is a bridge builder they were both excited to see it. Unfortunately, we took a wrong turn and ended up heading back the apartment. I was headed to a terrarium workshop with Coop and one of her high school friends so we didn’t have time to turn around and look at.

Coop and her friend had been planning on building a terrarium for a month or so and when Coop invited me I was a little skeptical but decided to give it a go. Twig is a local business and they had a special offer to build a terrarium for a discounted price. The women who run it find moss from the northern states (Maine?) and then build them from there. They also find mini people and glue them to rocks to make the terrarium a little more fun. Half way through the class we realized we could switch out our people and that’s when we discovered they had backpacks, which, of course, we had to have. My terrarium because a sort of homage Troop Beverly Hills, with a woman pointing forward while her backpack rests on the rock. Behind her is a small opening in the moss and ahead of her is shorter moss and she’s ready to move on. I named her Marlena and nearly every time we walked past my terrarium Coop and I would yell, “Tally ho!”

"Tally Ho!" says Marlena

Coop built a little camper who is sad, head in her hands, because she can’t get her camp fire lit. Right now we’re working on not killing them, which is harder than it sounds. The day before we left Wes and I explored their neighborhood and found a shop that sold their terrariums. The price for a medium size one was over $100, so while they’re really cool looking, I’m not sure I’m going to be a collector any time soon.

Incredibly impressed with herself inspite of not being able to build her camper a proper fire

From terrarium building we headed back to the apartment to meet some friends of mine from Palo Alto, Kenie & Stephanie. They had met my brother and Coop when they were looking for an apartment and they ended up hitting it off pretty well. (So basically, I’m the reason that they have friends at all. Probably one of them should give me their iPad2 to thank me.) On our way from the subway to the apartment we saw Kenie on her bike while Steph was inside the grocery store buying beer. I took one look at Steph’s bike and knew that I had to steal it. Once I got it into the apartment I sort of left it alone because, while I had come up with the idea, I didn’t really think about a plan after getting it to the apartment without her seeing me walking it down the street. If only I’d known that Kenie was going to come up with a brilliant story and Steph would actually be convinced that her bike was stolen. She said that she was off her bike and looking the other direction when a young guy came up, hopped on her bike and rode away. Kenie said she had trouble clipping in but then followed him for six blocks until it was clear that she wasn’t going to catch up with him and so she turned around. When Steph walked in the apartment her face was crestfallen and because I thought that Kenie would have told her the truth I didn’t realize what she was so sad about. Like I said, I wish I’d thought it through more and put it in the back bedroom and kept the joke going.

Earlier in the day we had picked up some beer at Eagle Provisions because it has an amazing beer selection. We picked out six or seven beers to try and opened them up that night. I haven’t seen Steph & Kenie in a couple of years and, I admit, Wes & I were pretty boring on that trip so I was a little worried about how the group of us would be. But the thing is, when awesome people are involved, shit is pretty much awesome. We stayed up until after midnight just drinking beer and laughing. No one there had to be to work until 9 or 10 so there was no hurry to pack things up and get to bed and they live within four blocks of each other so there was no need to limit ourselves to one or two beers (No, Mom Candee, we didn’t get drunk, but we did enjoy ourselves).

One full day in and I basically wanted to move to Brooklyn. And it only got better. Next up: we see the Brooklyn Bridge, head into Manhattan, try to pull ourselves together at the WTC Memorial and then take in a play.

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  1. Looks like you have more to write….TBC?

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