The Time I Turned 29 in New York

Here’s how you make your birthday awesome:

Start by celebrating at midnight in a wine bar. After we finished The Book of Mormon Wes and I met Porter and Coop for at a wine bar near their apartment. After our first bottle of wine we realized that it was midnight and my birthday had officially begun. So of course there was champagne.

Yes, we absolutely picked this bottle based on the name

When the champagne came out there was singing. I know there are people who don’t enjoy being sung to in public. I am not one of those people. I fucking love it when people make me the center of attention.

We stayed at the bar until it closed and then made our way back to the apartment where Coop and Wes immediately crawled into bed. My brother and I, though, decided that a beer would be a good idea while we made a midnight snack and talked. but I wrote about all this before. So let’s just get on to my actual birthday.

My head was a little fuzzy when I woke up the next morning but after an iced coffee I was starting to feel much better. We walked to the subway station to head to the city and while we were all piling through the gates my brother looked at me and nodded his head towards a guy who had just come in. “Oh my god,” I mouthed at him. “Is that Steve Buscemi?”

It was Steve Buscemi and my birthday was officially made because I have a crush on him. I’m not even slightly embarrassed to say that the rest of the week Coop and I walked around saying that I basically slept with Steve Buscemi. (Which isn’t remotely true, by the way, let’s just get that out there right now.) What actually happened is that I creepily followed him down the subway platform while grinning like an idiot until he did an about-face and walked to the other end of the platform and as much as I wanted to chase him down and take his picture (and have mine taken with him), I opted not to. He just wanted to be left alone and I didn’t want to be that annoying tourist. But still. I basically slept with Steve Buscemi.

My birthday could have ended there and I would have been happy. But it didn’t.

Instead we took a tour of Rockefeller Center to see the artwork that adorns it.

Radio City

Don’t be jealous of our sweet headphones


View from above

Porter, Coop, me, Wes

After Rockefeller Center we made our way to Ben’s Deli because we were all starving and getting snippy with each other and Stephanie and Kenie told us to go there. They’ve lived in New York for a lot of years so we took their advice. And it did not disappoint.

I often dream of this sandwich

Since we were so close to Times Square we decided to walk through because, well, what the hell. We were tourists. And Times Square has got to be the touristy place I’ve ever visited.

So much neon everywhere

After Times Square we headed towards Yankee Stadium for the game that evening. But as we were getting on the subway Wes realized that he left his credit card at Ben’s and we rushed back there before anyone had time to buy anything. And instead of getting back on the Subway at Times Square, we decided to walk to Grand Central Station and then get on the subway to Yankee Stadium. Walking in all I could think of was My Best Friend’s Wedding when Julia Roberts finally realizes that Dermot Mulroney doesn’t love her. And I swooned a little bit.

True story: when we were growing up and still had a land line my brother would sometimes, on particularly crazy days, answer the phone, “Grand Central Station”. Confusion ensued.

And then it was on to the game in the new Yankee Stadium.

With our four gracious hosts who helped make our first trip to New York really amazing

me, Wes, Kenie, Porter, Coop, Stephanie*

We were ushered out after the photo and made our way to the restrooms where I convinced Stephanie to take a pretzel from the vendor cleaning up. It was rock hard and instead of eating it we started playing catch with it.

And just when I thought my birthday couldn’t get any better, it did. Stephanie started a chorus of “Happy Birthday” on the subway and the entire car joined in. I’m still cursing all my friends for not pulling a camera out because I would have loved a picture of that. But there had been beer consumed so I can’t really fault them. There was talk of going to a bar but by the time we pulled in to Brooklyn everyone just felt ready for bed (well, enough of the group felt ready for bed that we decided against a bar).

Not a bad way to celebrate a birthday: basically sleeping with Steve Buscemi and having New Yorkers sing me “Happy Birthday” on the subway. I think this means 29 will be a good year.

*The couple that took this picture asked if would take their picture. They didn’t have a camera so we snapped one with mine and promised them we’d send it. And I did. Well, I tried to, but the email bounced back so either this couple was just fucking with us or they think we’re real assholes for not sending the picture when we swore we would.

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