Slow Down

Most mornings are a scramble to get out of bed. We usually snooze once or, if lunch doesn’t have to be made, twice before actually getting out of bed. I like my sleep. A lot. I prefer an extra ten minutes of sleep to say, blow-drying my hair or putting together an outfit with time to spare. So most mornings I have 30 minutes to get out of bed, brush my teeth, get dressed and look presentable (hair, makeup, etc) for work, eat breakfast and pack my lunch. If I’m lucky (or have to pee) then I have 45 minutes for all of this. Forty-five minutes, at most, to prepare for my day. Forty-five minutes to spend with my husband and our dog before heading out the door for my hour+ bus commute to work (yes, I am looking forward to the day I can stop that nonsense). Because of all that other stuff, though, and the fact that Wes leaves the house 5-10 minutes before me, it’s more like 10-15 minutes with my husband and maybe a head pat for the dog because she thinks that if she stays sleeping upstairs that we’ll forget she’s there and we’ll leave her inside. Not likely, but points to her for trying.

Our mornings, if not rushed, aren’t exactly leisurely. I feel scrambled and when Wes gets out the door I feel like we’ve barely said one word to each other.

I hate that feeling and yet, I can’t seem to bring myself to set the alarm for 5:15 or even 5:30 and I’m not sure why. It would be nice to wake up and not be scrambling about trying to fit everything in. It would be relaxing to have a cup of coffee and sit down and prepare for the day – maybe writing or reading the news or just taking time to straighten my hair and make the bed properly.

I know I won’t be in this rat race of work for much longer (hopefully), and yet it still irks me that I feel so out of touch with my own home life. I’m bothered by the fact that when I get home I want to tune out instead of be active in my own life. I have been trying to keep the television off lately when I’m home alone. I’ve been trying to plan dinners so that we don’t stare blankly at the fridge or head out to fast food. But maybe what I’m missing is my mornings. Maybe 30 minutes to prepare for the day, while possible, isn’t the best way to do it.

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